Five Great Ideas for Dating Success on

Whether you’re looking for the love of your life or just companionship, popular Internet dating sites like offer great opportunities to meet quality and qualified people. Your first impression is critical, so here are 5 suggestions that will help you stand out from the rest on


1. Use a great photo of yourself! Take off your sunglasses and put on your shirt. Don’t use your cell phone or webcam…. they just won’t do you justice. A headshot and one or 2 action or full body shots are always welcome. Skip the picture of your dog… he or she can find his or her own date. Also try to avoid photos obviously cutting out your ex.

2. Put some effort into your profile on It’s awkward to write about yourself but share your strengths, dreams, and what you want in a partner. Be honest. Be creative but not too corny. If you’re having trouble writing this, enlist the help friends. They can help you showcase the qualities that make you special.

3. Delete the negative stuff. Your profile is the first impression others will have of you. They don’t want to read about how miserable your divorce was or all the things you hate about dating.

4. Check your spelling and grammar. Most Internet dating sites have the same help features that you find in your word processing software, highlighting your spelling errors with a little red line so you can quickly fix them.

5. Get to know prospects before you unleash your sexual fantasies, strong opinions, and thoughts on hook ups. Make it to the second date before unleashing too much information.

Dating is a process of discovery. can facilitate the introduction, but you have to market and introduce yourself with confidence, patience, and integrity for the system to succeed.

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